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February 17, 2006

What is: CSS

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Originally HTML webpages combined both content and appearance. For example you had to embed a <Font/> tag in amoungst your content to specify a font. CSS enables you to control the look and feel of webpages without interfering with the content. Becuase of it’s exclusively appearance focus it uses a different syntax to that originally used in HTML.

The advantage of this separation is that you read the appearance syntax alot easier as it is not mixed up with the content. The same is true of the content, being free of appearance tags. You can also use one CSS to control the appearance of multiple wepages, which makes it easier if you need to alter their appearance.

When starting to work with CSS it is essential to work with a tool that can help you with the syntax. Topstyle Lite is a free tool that enables you to pick the styles from a list rather than type them in. Flare is a more comprehensive tool that integrates CSS not only with a WYSIWYG HTML editor, but also manages all other aspects of producing online help.

As you familiarise yourself with CSS, which for me has been a good 5 year journey, you will gain an increasing understanding of how best to use it. The learning curev usually develops along the following: Syntax Familiarisation; Relating Styles to Particular HTML Tags; Higherarchey of Formatting; Conditional Styles.

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