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July 12, 2006

Create Table from Tabbed Text

Filed under: Tip,Tool — AndyR @ 6:55 am

replace.gifSo you have copied a table out of Word or some other package and paste it into your Topic or html. This comes in as tab separated rows, one row on each line. Now you want to recreate the table, but this will invovle laborious cutting and pasting right?

Not necessarily, the following procedure enables you to create the table using a simple series of search and replace commands:

  1. You can use a program such as textpad (or any text editor) to performa the search and replace.
  2. Replace the tab character with </td><td>.
  3. Replace the line break character “/n” with “</td></tr>/n<tr><td>”
  4. Then all you need to do is wrap the table with <table> tags and a little cleaning up.

This has saved me countless hours of content adjustment. Let me know how you get on, in the comments.

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