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November 22, 2006

Flare 9 – XML Editor 2

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In this post we dig a little deeper into Flare’s neat XML Editor. If you’ve not read the previous post on this it would probably be a good idea to swing by and read that first.

First we should highlight that these icons are only available when you are in non-tag editing mode. It appears that this is the mode that Madcap expect us to use for the majority of editing. It seems to get more attention for bug fixes and enhancements than the tag view. And when you are used to it, it is very quick and flexible.

xmledit_continuelist.gifContinue List
This icon appears when you have pressed return at the end of a nested ordered list. If you click the icon it will continue the parent list, if you don’t you insert paragraphs.

xmledit_resizeimage.gifImage Resize
This icon appears on inserted images and enables you to manually resize the image, maintaining its aspect.

xmledit_insert.gifInsert Pointers
These two place holders appear when you are dragging an item onto a topic from the Content Explorer, File list or TOC. It is useful to understand the two pointers as they enable you to both located where you were working before you dragged the item, and accurately place the item you are dragging.

This appears if you hover over an anchor tag. It displays the location of the link. If it is blank, the linked topic could not be found, or was not valid XHTML.

So there we have it, a few more tit-bits for you guys. Let  me know if you’ve spotted any other useful behaviour!

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